Board Games

Brief History of Board Games:

Over the past few years board games have grown in popularity, spawning many new games and creative rendition of old classics. In 2012 one newspaper (The Guardian) went so far as to dub it “A Golden Age for Board Games” when the growth rate increased by an impressive 40% year after year.

But board games are nothing new. They have long existed through out history and are considered pre-historic, existing before even the written language. The fist games used “dice” (painted or carved bones, wood, stones, even turtle shells) in their games and, as time went on, ¬†games such as chess, backgammon, mancala, and even hop-scotch came into existence and all before the modern era.

Modern Games:

Classic games that we know today (Monopoly, Risk, Life, etc.) didn’t appear until the 1900s, the first of which was Monopoly, earlier known as “The Landlord’s Game”. With the success of this game came the introduction of all the games we now know and love.

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