Card Games

Brief History of Card Games:

Playing cards are a popular way to spend one’s time, be it Uno, Solitaire, or Bridge. Like most games, cards are an ancient invention, originating in China then spread to India, Persia, and Egypt until at last reaching Italy and Iberian in the second half of the 14th century. Some of the earliest cards were hand painted works of art which were very expensive and could only be afforded by the wealthy and elite. Soon, however, the demand for playing cards increased and cheaper methods of creating them were discovered so that, in time, anyone and everyone could play with a pack of cards.

Playing cards were popular for gambling or, rather, games of skill. These games were a new alternative to intellectual games (chess and draughts) and games of luck (dice and knuckle bones). They also provided a new way of telling fortunes or performing tricks and sleight of hand.

Modern Card Games:

Just like all games, cards have come a long way from being a historical invention to an aspect of day to day life. Today cards are used for all manners of games and tricks and the introduction of new games has changed the way cards look and are played with.

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