Tavern Puzzle Collection


As it goes, Dennis Sucilsky, a museum-trained, traditional blacksmith, came across artifacts while researching architectural hardware one day. These artifacts were found to be a type of puzzle traditionally made by blacksmiths as a way to amuse their friends. Dennis, a blacksmith himself, recreated these puzzles using original, centuries-old designs. He went on to create new versions of well-known classics and even original works, thus creating the first collection of iron-forged puzzles for Tucker-Jones House, Inc., which he established 1975 and continues to run with his wife, Donna Sucilsky.

Unique Products: Tucker-Jones House is the only company that makes the Tavern Puzzle Collection. All the puzzles created are handcrafted and individually assembled and each puzzle is mechanical in nature; removal of the object piece does not rely on force or trickery. 


Collection: Puzzles are in order from easiest to hardest